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I’m a little bit famous in my circle of friends for my refrigerator. It’s a bit like meal prep on steroids. Rather than having lots of boxes of pre-done food for the week, I like to prep some wonderful side dishes, then have some proteins and Whole30 MAGIC ELIXIRS that allow me to pull together a spectacular meal in moments. What I have here is my refrigerator. It’s entirely Whole30 with all of my favorites. I talk a lot about Whole30 MAGIC ELIXIRS that take your food from ordinary to extraordinary. These are some of my favorites that I always have in my refrigerator:

16 thoughts on “Whole30 Meal Prep

  1. Refrigerator goals! There is nothing like a good looking spread of whole foods in your fridge… it really makes you WANT to EAT and be merry! Thanks for this share… excited to meet you and follow your posts! I am off to buy a label maker now. Ha!

  2. This is going to be my go to resource for adding magic to my meal prep!
    Thank you!

  3. Can I ask, what is that delicious looking drink in that spectacular jug?!

    1. That’s passion iced tea…can’t live without it!

      1. Recipe for Passion Iced Tea, please?

      2. It’s really not complicated I get the tea and a big pot of water and I add tell it’s a color that I like… i usually do six bags but it totally depends on how much water

      3. is it the tazo passion tea that you use?

      4. yes

  4. I’m looking all over for your marinated onion recipe andI can’t find it.

  5. I’m so happy to have found you on Instagram through Clean Eating Mom. This is what I aspire my fridge to look like. I’m wowed!!

    1. Thanks for the love!!

  6. Hello! You don’t bag or cover your food…now I’m wondering if I’ve been wasting my time all these years. I was under the impression that veggies would wilt or go bad much faster unless they’re bagged. And that things like cut watermelon would absorb the refrigerator smell of the other items or get a dried, gummy surface. I’d be interested in your experience because your refrigerator is how I want to live my life and raise my children. It’s just beautiful and would inspire eating as a thing of enjoyment of the senses.

    1. Typically I do cover the food… Just totally depends on what it is

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