Teri’s Favorite Kitchen Tools



Glass Container

To store dishes that don’t fit in Mason jars, these glass storage containers are great.

Storage Container

This large capacity storage container is perfect for marinating Heroine chicken!

Canning Jars

These canning jars are perfect for giving my Magic Elixirs as gifts. Beautiful and functional.

Wooden Cutting Board

Everyone should have a great, sturdy cutting board that lasts. This beauty is made from bamboo and durable enough for everyday use.
tea towels

Tea Towels

So many followers ask about the towels that I use….these gems are among my favorite go-to kitchen/tea towels.


I’m a gal that believes in squeezing juice for anything that includes fresh citrus. I’ve had my little hand juicer for 10+ years.
measuring spoons

Measuring Spoons

Measuring spoons are an important everyday tool for preparing great recipes. I love this stainless steel set.

Double Sided Measuring Spoon

I find 2 tablespoons to be an ideal size for everyday cooking. This tool has both 1 and 2 tablespoon measures for convenience!
slotted spoon

Slotted Spoon

This skimmer/slotted spoon is a great tool, excellent value and perfect for everything from making poached eggs to chicken stock.

Potato Masher

Great for potatoes of course, but great also for breaking up ground beef and pork when making a sauce.

Mini Spatula

I love a mini spatula for delicate jobs like fish cakes or meatballs! This is my total favorite one.
basting brushes

Basting Brushes

Basting is a must-do to get the perfect crisp and brown on your meat! These brushes are great for basting.

Jar Scraper

As a person who uses Mason jars for everyday storage of homemade sauces and condiments, this scraper is a necessity.
wooden spoon

Wooden Spoon

There is something magical about having a favorite wooden spoon to cook with. Nothing I love more than olive wood.
silicone tongs


These 12? size tongs are a great tool – an ideal option so that you don’t scratch your pans.


A microplane is great to have for shredding turmeric and garlic and so much more – a real plus in the kitchen.
garlic press

Garlic Press

This Zyliss garlic press is great for fresh garlic – not the same as the classic press that I have had for 20 years, but a good option.


This is a good, basic peeler, although…some of the best peelers can be found in your mother’s kitchen drawers.
mini procesor

Mini Food Processor

This mini food prep processor for small jobs, sauces, dressings or cooking for one.
cuisinart food processor 14 cup

14-Cup Food Processor

I’m crazy about this 14 cup food processor, as a person who cooks in quantity it’s ideal for me.

Label Maker

I love a labeler. A great kitchen tool, a perfect way to ensure the freshness of your creations, and for keeping your fridge organized.
bakeware set

Made In Bakeware

Made from a centuries-old porcelain recipe, these three dishes are perfect for all baking needs from casserole to brownies to mac and cheese.
made in non stick

Made In Non Stick Cookware

A non stick set of cookware is a must in the kitchen. Made In's last much longer than others and are toxin free!
made in sheet pan

Made In Baking Sheets

My absolute favorite baking sheets are Made In. They are rimmed, heavy duty, and perfect for everyday cooking.
mason jars

Mason Jars

Anybody who knows me, knows that I love a mason jar. I use them to store my Magic Elixers, dressings and homemade condiments. Perfect for sending a friend home with leftovers.
kitchen scale

Kitchen Scale

A kitchen scale is essential for cooking or baking. This was a gift and I just adore it. It’s great for making meatballs, baking, or anything where you want to be precise.


As a 25 year Vitamix customer, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment if you can afford to splurge.

Kitchen Slicer

One of my very favorite kitchen tools is this slicer. Perfect for slicing vegetables, cheese, meat and everything in between. An amazing value.