Marinated Red Onions

I love a magic elixir–a special sauce or bit of magic that turns ordinary food into extraordinary. In my circle, I’m a little famous for the bowl of marinated red onions on my kitchen counter…which is amusing, because how could I have known these onions would start a movement? From my Instagram stories you may know that I prize a beautiful entrée salad, and every entrée salad I make includes a bit of this oniony goodness. And there isn’t a simpler recipe.

I marinate my red onions in a high quality olive oil, red wine vinegar, and oregano. I leave them on my counter uncovered in a little ceramic dish to use every day on my eggs, in a hamburger, in a salad, or in a marinated entree. Daily I get reports on other creative ways people enjoy them–and my own children eat them right out of the bowl.

Make enough to use over two days, and if after two days you haven’t used them up, use the oil olive oil to make a salad dressing, sauce up the onions and enjoy them, or chop them up and put them in a chicken salad. They stay fresh about two days on the countertop. You might be asking yourself: why not put them in the refrigerator? I don’t, because when the oil solidifies, the magic is gone. After Heroine Chicken <link it> these simply delicious dish enhancers are my most talked about recipe, and deserve their own blog post–so let me know how you use yours!  They will perk up just about every savory  dish you make.

Marinated Red Onions


  • 1 small red onion
  • 1 Tbsp dried oregano
  • 1 Tbsp red wine vinegar
  • ¾ cup olive oil

Thinly slice the red onion. Place the slices in a container and pour the olive oil and red wine vinegar over. Add dried oregano. Cover and let sit at room temperature to marinate for at least an hour. Keeps for two days unrefrigerated. 


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  1. Thanks so much for some back story to these tasty pickled onions. Since making this from one of your IG stories last week it’s been loved by the family👍 I loved your week long whole30 recipe takeover. You’re a natural at this! Plus your recipes are delicious. Thanks again. (btw, I’m starting whole30 again)


  2. I have no excuse now..☺️Have been seeing them on your stories..tomorrow for sure!


  3. Just wondering if you ever have used fresh oregano? I’ve enjoyed watching your stories and you have inspired me so much to get my diet back on track whilst providing deliciousness!


  4. These onions are fabulous! So many ways to use them and delicious to snack on out of the bowl. Thanks for sharing your recipe!


  5. Dee (@lovestochitchat) March 21, 2017 — 3:23 pm

    these are on my kitchen counter all the time now. — and i’m no huge onion fan. they have to be thinly sliced. this is such a little gem of a recipe. thanks for sharing your magic. 💜


  6. What brand of red vinegar do you use?
    Should this be left open?


  7. I see salt in the photo, but no salt in the recipe. Should I add salt?

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  8. I made them for the first time last week and I am in love with them. They are so delicious and go great with almost everything. Thank you very much for posting them.


  9. Have you ever tried it with shallots?


  10. So excited to try this. I bought a large bag of red onions at Costco. Making a large batch for weekend at the lake. Thanks for sharing the recipe!


  11. You’ve inspired me to make better sandwhiches 😀 Can you do a separate posts with your ideas on what types of things you put on your sandwhiches? I saw the Instagram video but it’s gone 😭


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