Your New Favorite Marinated Red Onions 

I love a MAGIC ELIXIR –a special sauce or bit of magic that turns ordinary food into something extraordinary. In my circle, I’m a little famous for the bowl of Marinated Red Onions on my kitchen counter (we even call them “Counter Onions”), which is amusing because how could I have known these onions would start a movement?

From the nocrumbsleft Instagram stories you may know that I prize a beautiful entrée salad, and every entrée salad I make includes a bit of this oniony goodness. And there isn’t a simpler recipe!

Equipment needed to make Marinated Red Onions

Equipment needed to make Marinated Red Onions

– Slicer

– Measuring spoons and measuring cups

– Mixing bowl

– Container

How I make my viral recipe for Marinated Red Onions!

I marinate thinly sliced red onions in high-quality olive oil, red wine vinegar, and oregano. Then I leave them uncovered on my counter in a little ceramic dish to use every day on my eggs, in a hamburger, in a salad, or in a marinated entree.

What is the best way to store Marinated Red Onions?

The best way to store my fabulous Marinated Red Onions is uncovered on the counter. The onions should be submerged under the oil in a little ceramic dish. I don’t store Marinated Red Onions in the refrigerator because the oil solidifies, and when it does, the magic is gone.

How long can Marinated Red Onions be stored?

Marinated Red Onions are good for about 3-4 days. We literally enjoy the onions on everything and also use the oil as a salad dressing or marinade, so ours never last that long.


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