Spindrift Sparkling Water

Spindrift is perfect for the holidays. I love the this time of year and being surrounded by family. All of the little details matter to me and here’s a great holiday tip to help you with those details – get everybody involved!  Make someone the beverage manager  – he or she will be in charge of finding out what everyone wants to drink so you don’t buy much more than you need.  They can get the ice, iron the tablecloth and get your bar set up perfectly for your guests. This year, my bar manager is going to be @nocrumbslefts_kid and she will be stocking the bar with lots of everyone’s favorite flavors of Spindrift.  What I love about Spindrift is that it’s just sparkling water and real squeezed fruit from family farms, that’s it! It’s perfect on it’s own, in a cocktail or mocktail.  It’s not too sugary or bubbly so it’s not filling and it pairs beautifully with food!  I love to have a special and festive beverage for the holidays and Spindrift is it!


I am so excited and proud to be partnering with Spindrift Sparkling Water.  For me, Spindrift is a natural, go to beverage because it has only real, simple ingredients. Real fruit + sparkling water. Yup, that’s it! They never use anything artificial and you won’t find the phrase “natural flavors” on their label because the flavor in their sparkling water comes from squeezed real fruit, grown on family farms.

I am a gal that wants a beverage that’s not loaded up with Stevia or other sweeteners that make drinks taste artificially sweet.  That’s just not something that I enjoy.  To have a slightly sweet, sparkling water that’s healthy and not too bubbly, that’s a home run for me!

In my fridge, I like to keep things healthy.  I keep it full of lots of proteins, like Heroine Chicken, Salmon Burgers and Chicken Burgers, salads and fresh vegetables, my MAGIC ELIXIRS™ like Green Goddess Dressing, Pistachio Pesto, Garlic Confit, Tomato Confit, Preserved Lemons, Skyr and and all the different flavors of Spindrift Sparking Water.  I love that Spindrift is really satiating and that it gets its sweetness from real fruit, so it’s satisfying without making the sugar dragon roar.  It’s perfect on it’s own or paired with food, for mocktails or cocktails! Spindrift Sparkling Water is also non GMO, gluten free, Whole30 approved and the only sparkling water that has real squeezed fruit.

We’re going to have fun playing with Spindrift Sparkling Water in the next couple of months, so I can’t wait to show you what were doing, including giveaways,  because I am so excited to have you try it!  When you are out and about and find Spindrift Sparkling Water, be sure to do an Instagram story, tagging me or send me a picture!

You can find Spindrift Sparkling Water at many local retailers, but if you shop on their website, here there is an added bonus: order 4+ packs right now, get free shipping.

Click Here to Find Spindrift Sparkling Water Near You.


Raspberry Lime Sparkling Water


Strawberry Sparkling Water


Cucumber Sparkling Water


Lemon Sparkling Water


Grapefruit Sparkling Water


Blackberry Sparkling Water


Orange Mango Water


Half Tea & Half Lemon Sparkling Water


Variety Packs

Spindrift Sparkling Water Variety 24 pack


Triple Berry Sparkling Water Variety 24 Pack


Citrus Sparkling Water 24 pack



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