Everyone has a superpower, and one of mine is sandwich-making. Curating wonderful ingredients is absolutely the key to a spectacular sandwich. Discovering the very best ingredients is my idea of fun, and I am here to share my favorite discoveries with you! I love putting sandwich recipes together, taste-testing them, and especially serving my new creations to my favorite eaters.

Collage of different sandwiches

How Do I Craft the Perfect Sandwich?

Sandwich-making starts with fantastic bread, a spectacular protein–preferably homemade–an amazing cheese, a wonderful homemade sauce, something crunchy, and something pickled–or my Marinated Red Onions.

finished chicken burgers on cutting board

From Sandwich Weekend to Month-long Celebration

To celebrate putting together my favorite ingredients, a couple of years ago, @nocrumbsleft focused on sandwiches for a weekend, creating three original sandwiches and calling it Sandwich Weekend. Then it expanded into Sandwich Week, and now it’s blossomed into a celebration called Sandwich Month!

We have been having so much fun. Believe it or not, over the entire month, our most viral sandwich was the old-school Fluffernutter with peanut butter. Who would have guessed?

Instagram Exclusive: Gluten-Free Delights

Not all the fun happened here on the blog—some were Instagram-only. My favorite gluten-free bread is absolutely Canyon Bakehouse Heritage Honey White. For sandwich making, it is unparalleled. As a gluten-free girlie, I’ve been enjoying their breads for a good long time. It was so fun to feature the exclusive Instagram-only recipes that followers have been crazy about: Green Chicken Goddess, Egg Salad BLT, and the Italian Sandwich, which you can check out here: @nocrumbsleft

Here are a few more of our favorite combinations:

A woman holding The Best Fried Fish Sandwich with Tartar Sauce.

Fried Fish Sandwich with Tartar Sauce

Honestly, this is the best Filet of Fish Sandwich ever! I’ve always loved McDonald’s Filet O’Fish, because it reminds me of my dad. It’s crunchy, with melted cheese, tartar sauce, and a soft bun, and mine is a spin on it.

With my homemade Tartar Sauce, it’s the perfect combination of flavors and textures. I just know you’re going to love it.

vegan tofu sandwich open face

Vegan Tofu Sandwich

My Vegan Tofu Sandwich is crazy good. I am unequivocally an omnivore, but I have many vegans in my life, and I absolutely love to cook for them. Vegan eating does not have to be boring, people! It can be delicious and full of exciting ingredients.

one hand holding the finished chicken burger

Teri’s Sensational Crispy Chicken Burgers

My new Crispy Chicken Burger is a 10 out of 10. The combination of crispy outside and tender middle served on a soft bun with my tangy sauce, is a revelation. The panko-covered patty has such a wonderful texture, and it’s a little bit of a surprise every time you bite into it perfectly and taste a bit of the sauce.


Chicken Caesar Salad Wrap

Occasionally something goes viral for us, and that’s what happened with this wrap. It had over 82 million views! And for good reason. The lettuce wrap is fresh and crunchy, and the croutons are an absolute delight.

reuben sandwich on a hurley plate

Reuben Sandwich with Thousand Island Dressing

I love this traditional sandwich. Corned beef made into a Reuben the next day is one of my favorite things! A Reuben Sandwich is a perfect meal, whether it’s St. Patrick’s Day or any time of the year, and my homemade Thousand Island dressing takes this one over the top.

teri holding a nashville hot sandwich

Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich

Our Nashville Hot Chicken Sandwich is a beauty. The chicken turns out juicy and tender, and truly next level. You can add spice or take this spicy chicken recipe down a notch depending on your personal preferences. (And gluten-free friends, have no fear! We used gluten-free flour for the dredge, and you can use a fabulous gluten-free bun!)

Crack the Code of the Ultimate Tuna Melt Sandwich!

Tuna Melt Sandwich

This Tuna Melt can rival anyone’s! I made tuna salad weekly when my kids lived with me. For us, it was a main food group! We regularly ate it straight from the Mason jar on crackers. It was the perfect snack. I served tuna salad on repeat for my children’s entire childhood, and my Tuna Melt takes this staple up a notch. One key is to squeeze out the liquid using your hands.

Winter BLT in Teri's hands

BLT Caprese Sandwich

My BLT Caprese Sandwich is something you can enjoy for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. It’s sort of a cross between a BLT and a caprese sandwich. While this is a winter version using cherry tomatoes, use ripe summer tomatoes when the season arrives!

hands holding salmon burger

Middle Eastern Inspired Salmon Burger

This Salmon Burger is simply divine, with its wonderful Mediterranean-inspired flavors. I start with ground fresh salmon, then add plenty of fresh herbs, garlic, lemon zest, sumac, and Aleppo pepper. It’s a must-make.

Cross section Chicken Caesar Sandwich

Chicken Caesar Sandwich 

We do this beauty with fresh roasted chicken breast. If you like a Caesar salad and you like a sandwich, this combination is spectacular. We created this mouth-watering sandwich for Caesar week. It was so fun and delicious to taste-test. I’m sure you’ll be as thrilled with the recipe as I am. After you griddle it, you add crunchy lettuce and Marinated Red Onions, and it is mind-blowingly delicious.

french dip sandwich with sauce and chips

French Dip Sandwich

My French Dip is next level and certainly one of my favorites of Sandwich Month. It’s so much fun to make. It’s a great little weekend project, and you can reap the benefits all week long!

French Dip Slider

If you love my French Dip Sandwich, you will simply adore its pint-sized version, French Dip Sliders, made with dinner rolls.

If you make any of my sandwich recipes, rate and review them below to let me know what you think! And if you’re looking for more fun, sign up for our Friday Favorites newsletter, and follow along on PinterestInstagram, and TikTok!

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