People are always asking for new ideas for Whole30 lunches. my advice is don’t over think it. For me, Whole30 lunch is all about leftovers. So here is a great idea: Leftover Heroine Chicken, Marinated Red Onions MAGIC ELIXIRS, greens, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, a MAGIC ELIXIRSâ„¢ dipping sauce and hunks of fruit.

The key keep fresh produce and salad fixings on hand, make extra protein – like pork chops or chicken breasts and double a batch of roasted vegetables!  Yesterday, I made Heroine Chicken with extra thighs and wings.  This one is a bit of an improv and super easy.  And I have added one of my favorite Whole30 snacks, Seansax!  For me a bento box lunch of leftovers is perfect!

Here are some other great building blocks for Whole30 lunches to go.