Whole30 Bento Box lunch

People are always asking for new ideas for Whole30 lunches. my advice is don’t over think it. For me, Whole30 lunch is all about leftovers. So here is a great idea: Leftover Heroine Chicken, Marinated Red Onions MAGIC ELIXIRS, greens, sliced cucumbers and tomatoes, a MAGIC ELIXIRSâ„¢ dipping sauce and hunks of fruit.

The key keep fresh produce and salad fixings on hand, make extra protein – like pork chops or chicken breasts and double a batch of roasted vegetables!  Yesterday, I made Heroine Chicken with extra thighs and wings.  This one is a bit of an improv and super easy.  And I have added one of my favorite Whole30 snacks, Seansax!  For me a bento box lunch of leftovers is perfect!

Here are some other great building blocks for Whole30 lunches to go.

5 thoughts on “Whole30 Bento Box lunch

  1. I have never heard of these but would love to try them. 😋

    1. ❤️❤️❤️If you’ve made any be sure to contact me

  2. Love your giveaways, and you, and your elixirs!!!

    1. Thank you so much Monica

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