The Only Knives You Need in the Kitchen

I am absolutely loving my Made In Knife Set in the kitchen. As a gal who cooks a lot, I need knives that are workhorses for me. The Knife Set is perfect for just that. It comes with a Chef Knife, a Santoku Knife, a Utility Knife, and a Paring Knife. If you get our weekly Friday Favorites, you already know a bit about my favorite kitchen tools. I don’t use a lot of kitchen gadgets like an Instant Pot or air fryer, but a good set of knives is a must!

The Santoku Knife

The Santoku might be my favorite knife in the set. It is perfect for everyday use in the kitchen. I use it for chopping vegetables and fruits like peppers, apples, and cabbage. Plus, it perfect for slicing my Everyday Roast Chicken Breast. At seven inches long, it’s a great size that covers a lot of ground without getting too big.

santoku knife cutting cabbage
Made In Santoku Knife

The Chef Knife

The Chef Knife is eight inches, so it’s slightly bigger than the Santoku. This is for your large kitchen jobs. If I am cutting a butternut squash for my Whole30 Roasted Butternut Squash with Ground Sirloin, this is my go-to. In the summer, it’s perfect for cutting watermelon or cantaloupe. Plus, it is a great knife for anyone with larger hands.

chef knife cutting squash
Made In Chef Knife

The Utility Knife

The Utility Knife is the only serrated knife in the set, so it’s absolutely going to come in handy. I’ve been loving it for slicing or peeling a tomato or cutting a baguette when I’m making a sandwich like my BLT. There are some things that the Utility Knife truly does best, you will be so glad to have it in your kitchen.

utility knife with bread
The Utility Knife

The Paring Knife

The Paring Knife is the smallest knife in the set, and you guessed it, I love using it for small jobs in the kitchen! If I’m peeling garlic to make Garlic Confit, or prepping shallots for my Hunter’s Chicken, the paring knife is great.

paring knife cutting brussels sprouts
Made In Paring Knife

21 thoughts on “The Only Knives You Need in the Kitchen

  1. Thank you for offering this contest!

    1. Wow!! These knives are literally breathtaking! I’m ready to start chopping!! I don’t see me ever having a dull moment with these around ???

      Thank you for offering an awesome contest!

      1. Thank you for saying that. Be sure to check us out on instagram where we post about contests like this one!

    2. Thank you for saying that!

  2. Knew knives have been on my list all year and I haven’t pulled the trigger. Thanks for the suggestions and giveaway!

    1. *New, not knew lol

    2. These madein knifes are a fantastic option, I love mine!

  3. Melissa Carpenter October 26, 2020 — 6:57 pm

    You always recommend top-notch products! Thank you for being faithful in only showing items you believe in and love.

    1. These knifes are something I use every day and truly love them.

  4. These are one my wish list!

    1. I love that! They should be on every cooks wish list!

  5. I would love to have a set of knives like this. They look amazing!

    1. They are absolutely beautiful and so well made!

  6. These knives would make food prep so much easier! Let’s chop…

    1. They really do make cooking such a joy!

  7. A carpenter is as good as her tools, a chef is as good as her knives!!!!! And Made In are beauties!!!!

    1. I love these madein knifes!

  8. I’m in! I’m always looking for my next great knives.

    1. These knifes are excellent!

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