Friday Favorites

What is the Friday Favorites newsletter?

I love Friday Favorites! It’s my weekly labor of love, an opportunity to focus on topics I’m passionate about and harness ideas that people in the community care about too. You already know I’m all about inspiration for weeknight eating, and Friday Favorites takes food inspiration a step beyond.

There’s plenty of crowd-sourcing to get a variety of ideas, opinions, and suggestions. Issues alternate between food and lifestyle: we did an issue about holiday cooking, and then an issue about our complicated relationships with holiday eating. Our meal prep tips issue led to a wellness tips issue, and our inspired weeknight eating issue led to an issue on living an inspired life.

Subscribers love our holiday food issues–what to eat for Thanksgiving, New Year’s, and Valentine’s Day–and our issues on eating seasonally, living high on the hog for pennies, and best Whole30 recipes. Readers loved the lifestyle issues on embracing symbols of our dearly departed, the kindness of strangers, gratitude, and why supporting small and local is important. Friday Favorites is for me a love letter from Nocrumbsleft to my readers.

Each week, a related Table Talks podcast drops. I’ve sought out some interesting individuals, and we’ve sat down to share thoughts and ideas. I’m proud and humbled to say we have a 5-star rating on iTunes and would be delighted to have you join us there if you haven’t already done so!

If you’d like to receive your weekly dose of inspiration, step one: subscribe. Step two: look for your automatically generated email that confirms your spot. (It will likely be in your junk, promotional, or social folder.) When you find it, confirm! Step three: add me to your contacts to ensure that you receive your Friday Favorites:!

What is a Crumble?

For most people, Friday Favorites is the perfect amount of email to receive, but there are other super friends and folks who want even more. Crumbles are our core community and we consider them family. We let Crumbles know when we’ve got a contest or event coming up, and they definitely hear from us more often. Crumbles get behind the scenes views from the kitchen, and they treat us like family too—they are out on the posts enthusiastically supporting and commenting on Instagram and the blog and we couldn’t do it without them!

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