Spring Celebration Platter

I’m thrilled to be sponsored by Blue Moose of Boulder. Likely you’re acquainted with my love for an entrée salad, but I’m captivated by the Italian’s notion of abbondanza eating as a lifestyle. A celebration platter is perfect for a Saturday night with friends, and you can include items for every kind of eater.

You know I will only buy a prepared product if it’s as good as my homemade, and this hits its mark. It’s handcrafted in small batches and you can taste the difference. How much fun do you think this was to make?  Taking earth day as a theme, This spring platter is a no-fuss, no-cook way to eat and entertain. It can be as easy as surrounding the hummus with crudites, salami, cheese, and all your favorites.  I’ve included my marinated onions and a  homemade pesto chicken salad.

Blue Moose of Boulder has many flavors, like original, garlic, roasted red pepper, lime, and black bean, and my favorites smoked chipotle and green chili. They also have 2 Pestos – regular and nut-free. We are so excited about this that we want to share some with you and we are giving away 6 packs of hummus this weekend to 3 winners, so be sure to enter the giveaway below. Winner announced Monday.

Some suggestions for your own abbondanza platter:

  • Blue Moose of Boulder assorted hummus
  • Pesto Chicken Salad – mix 2 cups roasted chicken breast (or grocery store rotisserie chicken) with 1/3 cup Blue Moose pesto
  • Crudités – jicama, sugar snap peas, french green beans, watermelon radishes, baby tomatoes on the vine, carrots
  • Cheese – sheep’s milk feta, or your favorite
  • Salami, or charcuterie
  • Corn chips, crackers, or bread (if you’re not gluten-free)
  • Olives
  • Lovely greens
  • Juicy pieces of fruit

Have a wonderful time making it!

13 thoughts on “Spring Celebration Platter

  1. Ever since I saw the Blue Moose Hummus on your ig story I’ve wanted to try it!!! I don’t have Amazon fresh so I can’t have it delivered 🙁!! It looks so tasty especial the green chili one!

  2. Omgosh delicious!!! Love all of the flavor and variety, dying to try:)

    1. i’m hoping you’re all signed up for the giveaway. Today’s the last day before giving away six pack to three lucky winners

  3. This looks so fantaatic! (:

    1. I was so delighted with the outcome

  4. I love that serving platter! Where is it from?

    1. it’s hard to say… I’ve been collecting things over the years

  5. I love your abbondanza suggestions! They all look so good! 💕😍🎉

    1. Thanks so much and there are so many ways to change it up. You can fill the platter with things that you love or or seasonal in your area. So yummy

  6. Blue Moose is amazing and this is a wonderful gift, thank you for sharing with us. With the variety they offer we can really be creative and enjoy

    1. the Best ., what’s your favorite flavor ?

  7. This platter looks gorgeous and I can’t wait to try this hummus — so cool that it’s local, too!

  8. Oh My – Green Chile Hummus – wish I had some right now.

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