I’m excited to partner with TheFeedFeed and Pure Leaf for the launch of its new line of bagged and loose home brew teas. As a purist who delights in the simple things, I find that the alchemy of brewing myself a cup of hot tea magically brings me back to center. As a food blogger, I’m either cooking, photographing, planning recipes, or thinking about what I’m eating next, so finding balance is essential. Here’s a behind the scenes look: sitting with a cup of tea, working on a post, while surrounded by my projects. To reset and replenish, I enjoy a cup of tea–and there is simply nothing better than Pure Leaf and its exquisite long leaf teas.


Sometimes it just seems like the world is spinning faster and faster, which makes it easy to overlook taking a moment for yourself. How do you make a difference in your day? Some of the ways that I reset and create balance are sitting with a friend and drinking tea, taking a bath, walking in nature, and visiting farmer’s markets. I’ve long had a love of growers and relish in all they have to teach us. Something that’s really exceptional about this tea is that the leaves are kept long, then simply picked, rolled and expertly crafted, allowing the genuine tea’s essence shine through. As a blogger, I work long days and my kitchen is often an explosion. Something that I love to do at the end of the day is sit in my kitchen after the day is done, when it’s perfectly clean and quiet, to reset, then prepare to do all over the next day.


I enjoy iced tea 52 weeks a year, so Pure Leaf single source origin tea offerings is a perfect collaboration for me. Every Monday I brew a giant pot of tea, let cool, then refrigerate in a pitcher. As a blogger, I’m going all the time, working early in the morning until late at night. Finding balance is a challenge. It happens when I pull out my pitcher of iced tea and pour myself a glass. Even when I’m rushing and busy, this quiet moment resets my energy. Here’s a peek behind the scenes of my life. I love to sit by my window, watch the seasons change, look through my favorite cookbooks, and enjoy an ice cold tea.


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Pure Leaf bagged and loose teas are now available nationwide. Visit Amazon.com or head to your local grocery store to try all 10 hot and iced varieties.

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