Spectacular Pork Roast


IMG_2511.JPGCooking the roast on the bone is especially nice with pork so that it doesn’t dry out.  To make it easy for carving the butcher slid a knife next to the bone and opened it up like a book.

Salt the roast well. Then massage a little olive oil all over. I loaded it with a combination of dried basil, thyme, marjoram and oregano, mixed with olive oil and Kosher salt and massaged it into the pork. Then add as many cloves of thinly sliced garlic, sliced the long way, as you want. I added 6-10.

After stuffing the pork and scoring the top we tied it up and roasted it at 350 for about an hour and a half and caramelized the top the last ten minutes.

I love cooking pork with apples and found baby apples which I added to the pan for the last 45 minutes. The wonderful thing about cooking the pork roast this way, is that you get the benefit of deliciousness from cooking it on the bone. But, since it’s detached from the bone, it’s much easier to carve and there is less waste.




6 thoughts on “Spectacular Pork Roast

  1. My husband’s favorite dish is anything pork. This roast will be on one of my menus over the holidays. Your technique of have the butcher separate it partially from the bone is brilliant to add moisture and flavor. Thanks for the post!

    1. Love that. Makes my day

  2. Hi Teri,
    Saw your IG feed and had to come see more. Wow! Your dishes, your photography – all eye popping gorgeousness! I haven’t cooked pork for ages but after finding a fabulous organic farm close by I had decided to do one over the holidays and this recipes is going to make it happen. So glad I found you. You have ignited my passion for food even more today!

    1. Robyn, that’s such a wonderful thing to say. There’s nothing better then feeling excited about cooking and what comes from that !

  3. Teri, what’s your thoughts about stuffing apples inside maybe even through some cranberries inside too. Let me know. Love your posts.

    1. Absolutely yes! Sounds delicious and i could see pears or apples as a natural combination, but try cranberries and let me know what you think either here on in a message on Instagram!

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