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Pantry Essentials

This Light olive oil is essential for making Whole30 mayo and ranch dressing.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is essential for everyday cooking whether you are doing Whole30 or not.  Check out this website to find everything you need to know about amazing Olive Oils from Spain.


A great whole30 option.

Wonderful for whole30.

A favorite…wonderful for sauteing.

So delicious!  A little goes a long way…a great addition to finish a dish.

An absolute must for whole30!

Rich and delicious.

My current favorite and perfect for my marinated onions.

A classic and a pantry staple.

A great whole30 option – wonderful for Asian dishes.

Here is a spectacular substitute for fish stock or wine in a recipe.

An absolute must have to make creamy, luscious whole30 dishes.

Coconut cream takes it to the next level!

A great option for curry lovers.

My favorite – an absolute must magic elixer!

A great whole30 basic.

A great pantry staple!

A little extra flavor in this pantry staple.

To me, these are wonderful magic elixers and add a real zing to whole30 cooking.

When making homemade isn’t possible, this is a good option.

Homemade is always best, but in a pinch, this is a great option.

Great if you need a little bit of thickening in a sauce.

Absolutely divine to thicken a sauce up a bit.

This is spectacular and perfect for my Filet o’fish, Chicken Picatta and more.

A fantastic option for kosher salt with no additives.

A delicious, compliant fat.

Perfect for almond milk.

This adds a zip to salad, cooked vegetables and more.

These are divine, perfect for Pistachio Pesto.  I love the extra exercise from opening the shells!

If you’re short on time, a great option.

Whole30 Compliant meats

Here are some of my favorite Whole30 compliant meats that I love.  (These brands also have non compliant products – so always be sure to check the ingredients label before using during Whole30).

Great hickory flavor and no sugar added!!

pedersons bacon

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This prosciutto is a must have.


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Check out the great Whole30 compliant sausages by Brat Hans

Sundried Tomato Basil Chicken Sausage

sundried tomato sausage

Spicy Italian Chicken Sausage

spicy italian sausage

Spicy Cilantro Chicken Sausage

spicy cilantro

Diestel Family Turkey Ranch is a has several Whole30 compliant turkey products that are great source of protein.

Organic Turkey Chorizo


Ground Turkey


Condiments and Tasty Additions

Ideal for Asian dishes.

Fantastic hot sauce and reasonably priced.

I prefer homemade, but this is a good option as a time saver.

Perfect when a recipe calls for it.

This is an absolute yes! Perfect on a salad or as a little snappy side.

Perfect for a salad – has it’s own built in salad dressing.

A wonderful addition that I absolutely love great for salads, especially my paleo caprese salad and or really any dish.

Perfect for Chicken Piccata and Fish Piccata and absolutely wonderful in tartar sauce.

Really great in my whole30 Green Goddess and whole30 Caesar dressings.


My current favorite whole30 beverage – kind of makes the world a better place.

Anybody who knows me, knows that I have a jug of Passion tea in the refrigerator at all times.  It is absolutely a whole30 pleaser.

Don’t think of it as a replacement for cream but it’s a great idea for adding something flavorful to your morning beverage.

Emergency Snacks and Extras

Great for travelling or in an emergency.

These bars are great for food freedom, emergencies and pregnant women on whole30.

Delicious for food freedom and for use sparingly in whole30.

This product is great for the support of healthy bones, joints, skin, nails and hair.

Made with whole30 compliant ingredients.  This is a great daily supplement full of fiber.

MaryRuth’s Liquid Morning and Liquid Nighttime Multivitamin

morning multivitamin.jpg

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