Hi, it’s Lily here, Social Media Manager @nocrumbsleft, and more importantly, goddaughter to Teri! I’ve long been interested in the way Teri packs for a trip, because of her specific packing strategy that she has down to a T. I wanted her to write a blog post about it, but since packing is second nature to her, she didn’t know where to begin! So, I took matters into my own hands: these are the ins and outs of how to pack a suitcase just like Teri does.

Pre-Packing Stage: Trying Outfits Before The Trip

Let’s start at the beginning. I’ve noticed one of the keys is to try everything on. This is a frankly unbelievable process. I asked Teri to explain. “You really want to love what you’re wearing on a trip and feel your best,” Teri tells me. “Sometimes things need to be repaired or dry cleaned, and sometimes something you loved six months ago just isn’t your favorite anymore. You want to make sure everything fits properly.”

One week before traveling.

Teri’s fabulous friend Kate, who is a stylist, will come over a week prior, and together they will pull a mini wardrobe for the trip. They put this mini wardrobe on Teri’s collapsible clothing rack, and after everything has been tried on, each outfit they choose is then photographed.

Shoes,” Teri says, “must always be included in every single photo.”

The Staples: What Every Suitcase Must Have

Teri packs her staples, of course. Her denim Frank and Eileen shirt, a pair of nice jeans, and a pair of black pants. But you also want to bring your favorite statement pieces for nights out or a fancy lunch, and for Teri, that’s a sequined skirt, some fun blouses, and a few t-shirts that can be mixed and matched with everything!

How does Teri decide which jewelry to pack in her suitcase?

Teri absolutely loves her mala beads. But rather than packing jewelry for every outfit, Teri chooses just a few pieces that go with everything. “I generally travel with my turquoise malas,” she says, “and another little turquoise necklace, because it pretty much goes with everything and there’s less of a chance I’ll lose my jewelry.” For some people, khaki is a neutral. But for Teri, it’s turquoise and metallic.

Choosing Your Luggage: Carry-on vs. Checked Bag

For luggage, Teri flies with a small carry-on and checks a big suitcase. She has learned that making a little rollaway as her carry-on is much easier on your body than carrying something heavy over your shoulder through the airport.

The Master List: Your Go-to Guide for Packing

Now I want to get into Teri’s master list. No one loves a list more than she does, and when packing for a trip, nothing is more useful. The “Master List” consists of every single item she’ll pack, from dry shampoo to a single house key (rather than her entire key ring, which is just so massive).

Unexpected Essentials: Items You Didn’t Know You Needed

This list is used again and again for every trip. I asked Teri for an inside look at the Master List, and here are some favorites we decided to mention:

  1. A cashmere cardigan. “A cashmere sweater, Teri explains, “is a necessity. From getting chilly on the plane, to having something to throw on a dinner, you absolutely need to bring one.” I have to agree. Everyone needs a lovely cardigan on a trip, regardless of the weather.
  2. Dry shampoo. I did not need to look at the Master List to confirm this trip must-have. Once when we were in Hawaii, September and I went on an island-wide search for dry shampoo, only for Teri to finally find it in her bag. You never know when you’ll need a quick hair fix.
  3. A kit with cords and plugs. If you know Teri, you know how much she loves a portable charger. I think everyone she knows has received one as a gift at some point. Teri herself owns…well, certainly more than five. This little cord kit must include at least two portable chargers, a plug or two if she’s going to another country, and a plethora of cords from iPhone cords to a Fitbit charger, to her Oura ring charging cable.
  4. Ziploc bags. Teri’s concern that her lotions will explode is a very real fear for her. While there probably won’t be any exploding, leakage is an unwelcome possibility. Anything containing a liquid is packed into a Ziploc…and then a second Ziploc after that.

So there you have it. Teri’s tips for packing for a trip! She’s pretty much an expert.

P.S. While we always welcome reader feedback, it is important to note that Teri doesn’t want anyone to tell her to start using packing cubes.

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