nocrumbsleft Meet Ups!

nocrumbsleftâ„¢ and we’re having some fun now!

One of the things I love most about our meet-ups is that we have so much fun, meet new friends, and learn about food, life, and hard work while enjoying ourselves in wonderful spaces around the globe. What could be better?!

Please join us for one of our fun-filled and informative meet-ups. We’ve had fabulous days in places like London, Napa, Los Angeles’ Grand Central Market, Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art, San Francisco’s Ferry Building, and most recently at Eataly in Chicago, in groupings that range from more intimate settings to overflowing crowds. 

I discuss everything from how I got here with nocrumbsleftâ„¢, to tips for the kitchen, (which often end up being tips for living,) and you will have a chance to get some of your questions answered as well! 

I believe that food unites people and that cooking is magical which is one of the reasons my friends have dubbed me, “The Mystic Cook.” Come join us!





Here’s what people are saying about our meet ups…

“I absolutely loved going to your LA Meet up!! The 4 hour drive was so worth getting to finally meet you! You are just as sweet as I imagined and I had a blast meeting your other foodie followers! I can’t wait for you to get back to California so I can attend another one.” — Kimberly

“I left feeling inspired and had a pep in my step, which took me home with energy to believe and create!”   — Ringo

“I’m not usually the type of person to go on an internet meet up event but knew I didn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet Teri and to thank her for all of the inspiration she has provided through her Instagram account and blog.  I attended one of the Chicago meet ups at Eataly and really enjoyed it.  The whole event had a really positive and fun vibe. It was, of course, great to meet Teri and her crew, but it was also nice to meet other followers there. The room held a feeling that all were friends and none were really strangers. Teri was so genuine, warm, and generous with her time, stories and, of course, giveaways too!  It was a really wonderful experience.” — A dedicated follower

“Teri shines in person”¦.and there is nothing like connecting with like minded foodies!  I walked away feeling inspired to make magic in my kitchen”¦and to share it with those that I love.” — Harriet

“It helps foodies find new, like minded, creative foodies in their own city.” — CC