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I’m a little bit lazy by nature…on one level I am very hardworking, but in another way, reducing my eco-footprint has not come naturally to me.  But with the encouragement of so many followers, I decided that “If not us, then who? And if not now, then when?”.  I was so absolutely delighted to stumble upon Colony Co with their amazing canvas shopping bags and lunch bags, unbleached cotton produce and bulk bin bags.

Colony Co offers useful and sustainable items for everyday life. They have a dedication to making products of unmatched quality, with an emphasis on durability.  Colony Co’s mission is to help you eliminate disposable products from your daily life. I set out on a mission for my own self to begin to reduce, organically.  What I love, is that our missions are aligned. I am also delighted to support a small business and a stay at home dad who wants to make a difference in the world the way we all do. Colony Co is dedicated to looking for new opportunities to replace the single-use items our world has grown accustomed to using and throwing away every day.  They make their products to last a long time…but if you ever do need to dispose of a Colony Co item, rest assured that they are all biodegradable!

What has been most delightful for me on this small journey that I have begun is how much support and love and encouragement I am getting from you…..you are leading the way and others are following suit.

Click here or on any image below to get 20% off when you shop at Colony Co.  The discount code (NOCRUMBSLEFT) will be applied automatically in your shopping cart.

Large grocery bag

Waxed Canvas Grocery Bag

This durable bag is made from heavy duty waxed canvas – stain resistant and easy to clean.  The design was inspired by a standard brown paper grocery bag and has high quality stitching and seam work that make it strong and built to last.  It’s also biodegradable and vegan friendly – free of any synthetic or plastic based materials and free of animal based materials such as leather or beeswax.  Dimensions: 17 x 12 x 7 inches

Lunch Bag

Colonyco lunch bag

The lunch bag is made from the same great heavy duty as the grocery bag, so it’s built to last.  The simple design is highly functional – no buckles or zippers, waxed canvas rolls down and stays put. Use for lunch or to carry all kinds of items.  Great as a small grocery bag too, for those quick trips to the store for one or two items.  It’s also biodegradable and vegan friendly – free of any synthetic or plastic based materials and free of animal based materials such as leather or beeswax.  It’s now available in 5 fun colors.  Dimensions: 14 x 8 x 5 inches

Reusable produce bags

Reusable Produce Bags - Natural Cotton Mesh is Biodegradable - Set of 9 - Multiple Sizes - Filled

These bags are called “produce bags” but there are so many more ways to use them.  Travel, organize your suitcase, use as a toiletry bag, in a tote or purse, carry small sports equipment.  Use when shopping for anything…clothes, shoes and of course your produce and groceries and store all kinds of food and other household items. Made of natural, unbleached cotton, these bags are polyester and nylon free as well as biodegradable.  These bags have a tightly woven mesh, double stitched seams and a stainless steel cord lock on the drawstring, so they are built to last.  The TARE weight is clearly labeled on each bag so a store cashier can easily deduct the weight when ringing up foods.  10 piece multi pack contains: 3 Large (17 x 11 inches), 4 Medium (13 x 11), 3 Small (8 x 11). 

Reusable bulk bin bags

Reusable Bulk Bin Bags - For Bulk Food - Set of 6 - Multiple Sizes - Filled

Just like the produce bags, these bags have multiple functions. They were designed to be perfect for shopping in bulk bins for foods like nuts, granola, grains and seeds. Made of natural, durable, unbleached cotton the bags are machine washable and dryable (on lower heat to avoid shrink).  The TARE weight is clearly labeled on each bag so a store cashier can easily deduct the weight when ringing up foods.  The six piece pack contains: 2 Large (15 x 12 inches) 2 Medium (12 x 10) 2 Small (10 x 8) 

Combination package

colony co combo pack

The combination pack gets you started on the road to being plastic free!  Package contains 10 bags: Six mesh Reusable Produce Bags: 2 Large (17 x 11 inches) 2 Medium (13 x 11) 2 Small (8 x 11) | Four muslin Reusable Bulk Bin Bags: 1 Large (15 x 12 inches) 2 Medium (12 x 10) 1 Small (10 x 8)


10 thoughts on “Colony Co.

  1. Nancy Sharkey June 9, 2018 — 2:50 pm

    Thank you for this research on going green. I have been wanting to purchase reusable vegetable storage bags but did not know how to trust all the options.
    Appreciate all you do to bring good things,
    good food to all.
    I am purchasing Colony bags now,
    Have a grand day.

    1. Thanks so much Nancy

  2. Great for all the produce from farmer’s Market!

    1. the best

  3. Sandie Ferrigno June 11, 2018 — 9:19 am


    1. love them

  4. Just placed my order! Thanks for the discount code!

    1. you’re so welcome

  5. Just bought some colony bags. Super excited.

    1. I have salute Lee adore mine and use it for everything… Even a gym bag

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