Many of you know I love spending my weekends with Roy at the cabin, and I absolutely love my cabin decor. It’s become a cozy and amazing home outside of Chicago for me, and I find it so relaxing to be there. I am really proud of how it came together, and I want to share some of my favorite pieces with you.

I was delighted to find so many of my favorite pieces at Room & Board. Their pieces are all beautifully made, and I love that they focus on working with American craftspeople. 90% of their furniture and decor is made by American manufacturers. It’s quality made and they are absolutely fantastic to work with.

My Cabin Bed

I am loving everything about my bed. The Wyatt Storage Bed has this beautiful upholstery, but it is also incredibly practical with the added storage at the foot of the bed. A little goes a long way with space at the cabin, so this storage is a game-changer for me. It looks so sleek but offers so much additional space for me.

Bed with lamp in cabin

As for the mattress and bed base, I couldn’t be happier with where we landed. The mattress is the Luxury Serene Foam and Coil Hybrid, and it is unbelievably comfortable. What I love is that it’s great for any type of sleeper, so it’s also perfect for the guest room in my cabin.

Bed with pillows in cabin

What takes the mattress over the top though is most definitely the Deluxe Adjustable Bed Base. This is like my favorite thing ever. The base offers so many different remote controlled adjustments so you can sleep your best, or if you want to read, write, watch TV, you can choose exactly how you want the bed.

My Cabin Living Room Rug

Tulsara Rug in cabin

This Tulsara Rug is so amazing. It ties the whole living room together and I am so thrilled with how it looks. It’s on clearance now, so run don’t walk if you’re interested. It’s soft, beautiful, and comes in several sizes to that it can fit your space. Some people like to go neutral with their rugs, but I think it is an opportunity to really have some fun and bring more personality to a room!

End Tables

I love the way tables and lamps can bring so much personality to a room. I am thrilled with our two end tables in the living room. They are so different but they bring so much personality to the room.

allard end table in cabin

This is the Allard End Table, and I absolutely love the natural look in the cabin. These tables have sugar maple tops and they come from a farm in Vermont. I love how the craftspeople have found a way to preserve the history of the tree in this beautiful piece.

Parks end table in cabin

On the other end of the couch, I have this sleek Parks End Table. I love the design of this table, because it brings something a little unexpected to the room. They make these tables using the same machines that made spools and bobbins in the 1850s, which I think is such a fun history. And of course, I had to decorate it with a Daffodil Large Pitcher.

Media Cabinet

Coles media cabinet in cabin

This Coles Media Cabinet has been one of my favorite additions to the cabin. It provides so much storage, which of course I use exclusively for nocrumbsleft pottery. You can choose the size that fits best for your space, but I think this four-door one is just amazing. I love how much I can fit inside, because you know I’m all about maximizing space at the cabin.

Cabin Fletcher Baskets

Speaking of maximizing space, these Fletcher Baskets might be my favorite invention ever. I am not the most organized gals in the world, but these baskets make it so easy, especially when it comes to everything I want in my kitchen. They are sturdy enough for anything from kitchen staples to books to firewood, and I love that all of the pieces of the baskets are American-made.

Table Lamps

I am loving using softer lighting in the cabin with these Room & Board Lamps. On my media console, I love the look of this Serena Table Lamp. It’s understated but totally adds to the aesthetic. In my bedroom, I have the Althea Lamp. I love the look of this ceramic lamp. It’s beautifully molded to create this amazing and unique shape, and it’s the perfect bedside addition.

And there you have it! Those are some of my favorite pieces in my cabin. If you are doing some of your own decorating, embrace the journey! Have fun with every piece you can, because it really pays off in the long run. And of course, I cannot recommend Room & Board enough to help you on the journey.