I’m delighted to be in the kitchen with Icelandic Provisions creating this super-easy favorite five-minute dessert to introduce their new Krimi flavor, lemon!

It’s a beautiful mix-and-match creamy bar. Here, I’ve layered it with crunchy gluten-free cookies and raspberries. You can mix yours with any flavor and your favorite fruits, nuts, and treats. Some examples are chocolate chips, shaved coconut, granola, berries, stone fruit, dried fruit, cookies, crumbled cake as well as a wide range of sauces. It takes five minutes, and you can get the whole family involved. Kids love eating their own creations, and this is the kind of dessert you can feel great about giving them. It is low sugar, high protein, super delicious and creamy, and is the only product of its kind that comes from ancient heirloom cultures from Iceland.

What’s not to love about a dessert that truly supports your body’s health and tastes fantastic! Set up the ingredients for your family and let them treat it like an art project!