The Best Summer Celebration Wedge Salad Recipe

I am so excited about this new Celebration Wedge Salad recipe! It’s perfect for the summer, and it is a joy to make. I was really excited to make the salad using my new Made In Olive Wood Knife Set. It was so fun to chop everything for the salad with these gorgeous knives!

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For this salad, you want to start with some lovely iceberg lettuce and quarter it. For this, you could use the Chef Knife or Santoku depending on the size of your lettuce. You can always get more or fewer heads of iceberg depending on how many people you are feeding. If you make this an entree salad, a good rule of thumb is half an iceberg per person.

After you’ve made your chicken and shrimp, the star of the show is the corn. We have finally hit corn season and I couldn’t be happier! Using my Made In Santoku Knife, I cut the kernels off of the corn to get them sauteéing. This can take a little time, so definitely get them on the stove while you are doing the rest of your prep.

Then you can cut up the tomatoes using your paring knife. With the sharpness of the blade, it makes it so easy to halve these little tomatoes!

Then of course, you can add some lovely extras like bacon, Marinated Onions, some avocado, some cheese, whatever you might like to make them your own! Plus, I served it with bread to make it even more filling as a dinner salad.

I could not be more excited about our new Magic Elixir. The lovely charred green onions add a beautiful depth that pairs so well with the salad. It packs a punch, and the creaminess is just perfect for the wedge salad.

For the dressing,


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