The Best Salad with Shrimps

Sitting down to a shrimp salad feels like such an elevated experience. Even preparing one makes me feel like I’m cooking something very special. I have created a few uniquely spectacular salad recipes with shrimp, and I can unequivocally say that when entertaining a group, shrimp salad is indeed a showstopper!

A wonderful Shrimp Salad begins with the freshest, most delicious shrimp you can find. And remember: shrimp is an easy ingredient to overcook.

When buying fresh shrimp, please note that if shrimp (or scallops) ever have an ammonia smell, don’t buy them. I’m not an expert, but if the shells feel soft or slimy, I’d simply take a pass on those as well. If you can’t be sure about the fresh shrimp, head to the frozen section.

Frozen shrimp will taste better, cook better, and feel better than fresh shrimp that aren’t truly fresh. And the truth about shrimp is that unless you’re living on the Gulf or an ocean, they have been previously frozen anyway.

The Most Flavorful Way to Cook Shrimp for Salads

My Sizzling Shrimp recipe is a truly delicious way to prepare shrimp, and if you use my method, Sizzling Shrimp will become a dish you’ll want to make again and again. I love cooking shrimp in the shell because it protects them a bit and also enhances their flavor in the same way that a pork chop tastes better when it’s bone-in. I finish the shrimp with melted butter and hot sauce, which combine to create a magical glaze.

The Ideal Moments to Serve Salad Recipes with Shrimp.

Salad recipes with shrimp are perfect for a luncheon, especially if you’re having a group of friends over and you really want to blow them away with something fantastic. Or prepare a beautiful shrimp salad for lunch on a weekend and serve it with a glass of wine when you have time to linger over the table.


Sizzling Shrimp


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