The Best Olive Tapenade Recipe

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I love California Grown olives! It’s amazing that you can find something so delectable in a can. Olives are simple, nutritious and delicious! An Olive Tapenade recipe is a fabulous way to spruce up any dish. Let’s go!

Olives not only provide a spectacular fat, but they’re also filling, delicious, and good for you. As a person who cares about fighting inflammation and who takes a daily dose of turmeric, I find it’s pretty fantastic when a food I love is also good for my body! After all, what you put into your body matters! An Olive Tapenade recipe is a fabulous way to add this healthful food to your regular diet.

Whether I’m infusing olives into a salad dressing, slicing them to accompany pomegranates in my Whole30 Pomegranate Cobb salad, serving them on a vegan platter with hummus and feta, impressing guests with this Olive Tapenade recipe, or just popping them into my mouth, they certainly add a sumptuous, rich flavor. 

Olives are undoubtedly one of the foods I crave and eat daily, whether sprinkled over a salad, sliced for an Olive Tapenade recipe, popped into a stew, or blended into a salad dressing. As an intermittent faster, I love to eat olives to break my fast, because they really keep me satiated. Plus, they’re so freaking delicious.

California Ripe Olives’ briny flavor is perfect in a tartar sauce. Like feta cheese and balsamic vinegar, they’re practically a Magic Elixir of their own, because they simply make food more delicious. California Grown Olives truly are a marvel.


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