Fabulous Whole30 Salad Dressing Recipes To Try Now

Want to add a level of flavor and excitement to your meals while keeping it Whole30? My delicious Whole30 salad dressing recipes, AKA Magic Elixirs are short cuts to deliciousness. They will absolutely take your Whole30 next level! And because everyone loves delicious, you’ll find yourself making them again and again throughout the year.

Transform Your Salad with These Mouth-Watering Dressings

One of my keys to success on Whole30 is to get creative with my meals and flavors. Rather than dwelling on what I can’t eat, I focus on amazing salads, protein, and vegetables, and Magic Elixirs like my Whole30 salad dressing recipes take them over the top. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything!

Creamy Garlic Olive Dressing

Creamy Almond Sesame Dressing

Simple & Creamy Charred Scallion Dressing

Spicy Poblano Sauce

Creamy Chive Citrus Dressing

Strawberry Salad Dressing

999 Island Dressing

Creamy Clementine Dressing

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