An Easy Sage & Sausage Stuffing Recipe From Roy

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Thanksgiving stuffing recipes can inspire quite a level of passion! Perhaps because stuffing is a dish people wait for all year long, many people have a heartfelt loyalty toward their favorite stuffing recipe. Roy and I have discovered how to choose the best Thanksgiving stuffing recipe: we make both!

When we first met, he’d make his favorite stuffing, and I’d make mine (or, more accurately, my mom’s) because we’d rather have two kinds of stuffing than compromise and not have our favorite. He was fond of his, and I was fond of my mother’s saltine stuffing, because, let’s face it, Thanksgiving stuffing is really about love.

Roy’s stuffing is an amazing twist on a treasure he found in the Chicago Tribune 33 years ago, and he’s crazy about it.

Bacon, sausage, and a caramelized mirepoix make this stuffing so delicious! First, we dice the bacon, onions, and celery, and place it all into a large, deep skillet with the sausage. Swipe up to see what we do next.

Teri’s Top Tips for Perfect Thanksgiving Stuffing

1. Make turkey stock weeks before and freeze it.

2. On the Monday before Thanksgiving, pull the bread.

3. On Wednesday, sautee the sausage-bacon mixture.

4. You’ll need more stock than you think you need!

5. This can be halved for a smaller group.

6. This can be made slightly ahead of dinner or meal time because it can be taken out and left on a counter for like an hour and still be warm while you’re making other dishes or getting ready.

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