You'll Love This Fabulous Whole30 Salisbury Steak Recipe!

I absolutely love an old-school dish, and I especially enjoy updating my old-school favorites. I was inspired to create a Whole30 Salisbury Steak Recipe that would be every bit as delicious as the original. It is a soul-satisfying, truly delicious, sumptuous dinner that you will want to add to your weekly rotation.

If you’re not doing Whole30, using a gluten-free flour that is not grain-free works quite well. Simply combine the ingredients and refrigerate the mixture overnight or for a few hours. You will love the delectable, velvety sauce made with chicken stock and mushrooms.

Sauté the patties on both sides, and then generously pour on the mushroom gravy. Gluten-free patties may develop cracks, but that will certainly not affect the richly flavorful taste of this dish.

Season the meat.

Add the egg.

Mix in flour.

Slice the mushrooms.

Add the mushrooms to a pan.

Season with salt.

Add the onions to the mushrooms.

Thicken the sauce.

Add the ketchup.

Add the broth.

Sear the steaks.

Sear the steaks.

Add sauce to the steaks.

If you’re doing Whole30, skip the rice. But this Salisbury Steak variation truly shines atop a bed of rice.


Whole30 Steak topped with Creamy Garlic Mushrooms


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