The Best Restaurant Inspired Charred Broccoli Recipe

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Recently on my annual girls’ trip, we went to a fantastic restaurant in Carlsbad, California called Campfire. The number one most popular dish that everyone gets is Charred Broccoli. It was amazing.

The funny part is that I’ve never been a huge fan of broccoli. I prefer broccolini. But their incredible dish made up of charred broccoli tossed with a lime vinaigrette, topped with hot maple peanuts, and drizzled with Chermoula Aioli could make me a convert!

If you go to San Diego, you absolutely must eat at Campfire, and certainly order the broccoli. Mind you, my spin on their dish is really my own version—I certainly can’t do what they do in their professional kitchen.

The Roasted Broccoli Revelation: A Culinary Triumph at Campfire in Carlsbad, California!

The broccoli is so good, in fact, that the restaurant is prepared for those of us that ask for the recipe. Thanks to this road map from Campfire, I could recreate my version of their sensational recipe.

Layers of Flavor: How Campfire’s Innovative Dish Will Win You Over Too

Any good dish is all about the layers, and this one has quite a few! I’d be doing you a disservice if I didn’t mention up front that this is actually four different recipes and certainly an undertaking to make this charred broccoli, but I can assure you that it’s so, so worth it.

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How to Select Broccoli at the Store.

Chermoula is a North African marinade and sauce with vibrant flavors used in Moroccan, Tunisian, and Algerian cuisines. It typically includes herbs, garlic, lemon juice or vinegar, spices, and olive oil. This Magic Elixir recipe makes more than enough chermoula for the broccoli. Keep any extra stored in the refrigerator in a jar with a tight-fitting lid for other uses like as a spread on a sandwich or alongside my Passport Chicken as a dipping sauce.

Let’s Break Down the Layers of Flavor in Campfire’s Charred Broccoli

This tangy and light lime vinaigrette is easy to pull together and tastes great with only a few ingredients, coconut sugar, hot water, lime juice, olive oil, and Tamari.

Let me tell you, these peanuts are so good it’s dangerous! They are great sprinkled over this broccoli, but are also perfect as a snack on their own or added to salads for a bit of crunch factor.

Lime Vinaigrette

Hot Maple Peanut Perfection

Campfire provides a framework for the finished product, and some of the ingredients are listed on the menu, so I quite literally recreated this delicious dish day after day until I landed on a winner. Again, I couldn’t actually even begin to do what they did, because their creation is top chef, James Beard’s award level of mastery level (literally! Because they’ve won a James Beard award), but I sure do love my own version.


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