The Best Recipe For Rice In Salad With Tuna

As much as I love my green juice, I also love a soulful old-school dish like my Gluten-Free Tuna, Rice, and Green Pea Salad, and over the years, I’ve noticed that my followers love them too! My partner, Roy, has made Tuna Pasta regularly in the background of my Instagram stories, and I was always a bit blown away by the number of people who’d ask for his recipe.

Springtime Delight: Tantalizing Tuna, Rice, and Green Pea Salad with a Gluten-Free Twist & Secrets for Unbeatable Flavor!

As a gluten-free eater, I’d never even tried Roy’s Tuna Pasta Salad, but after he graciously shared his recipe, and so many Crumbles loved it, I thought it would be fun to make myself a gluten-free version.

RICE: I decided there was nothing better than rice as a base for this dish because gluten-free pasta so often just doesn’t hold up for a cold salad. It’s absolutely delicious for spring with peas, mayo, celery, and onions, and it would be amazing served alongside the Cucumber Salad from my No Crumbs Left cookbook.

TUNA: One of the tricks to this dish is to use a high-quality tuna packed in olive oil, and quite honestly, using high-quality olive oil in all your favorite dishes is truly important–you can taste the difference!

This Gluten Free Tuna, Rice, and Green Pea Salad would be a lovely dish to bring to a buffet, and a wonderful option for any potluck. I would most certainly serve this if I were doing a salad buffet. Imagine serving these three salads together: my Vegan Mediterranean, a Greek salad, and this deliciousness. Yum!



Roy’s Tuna Pasta Salad

No Crumbs Left Cookbook!

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