Teri's Summer Pasta With The Best Olive Chimichurri Sauce Recipe

We are so excited to have created a truly spectacular, restaurant-worthy pasta dish. It’s beyond delicious. You’ll start by making our delectable Olive Chimichurri Magic Elixir, which you can do a day ahead. When you’re ready to make the pasta, measure and prep the rest of the ingredients, because the recipe progresses quickly!

Before I create a new pasta dish, I consult my pasta guy, Roy. There’s simply no one who makes a better bowl of pasta. Quite frankly, it’s his superpower. Over the years, he’s taught me tips and tricks to elevate a dish from delicious to truly extraordinary. We recipe-tested this one four times over a weekend, and the outcome is truly amazing! I can’t wait for you to bring it into your kitchen. I’m sure you’ll make it again and again.

Have you tried our new Olive Chimichurri Magic Elixir? We’re completely obsessed and love to use it in a thousand different ways. This time, it’s the star of our pasta, which is tossed with beautiful California green olives and our citrusy Olive Chimichurri Sauce–it’s perfection! Whether you make it for dinner or a crowd, everyone will want more.

This new recipe features olives in two ways. First, the California green olives help make a bright and herbaceous chimichurri, then we load the pasta sauce with yet more olives! At first glance, you might think this recipe calls for too many olives, but I’m definitely a “more is more” girl and firmly believe that there can never be too much of a good thing—especially when it comes to California olives. I absolutely love them.

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