Teri's Beautiful Sunshine Salad With Strawberries Is Perfect For Summer

This Strawberry Salad is perfectly balanced and truly a dynamite combination. It’s topped with a creamy dressing that’s crunchy from the almonds, briny from the green olives, and sweetened with strawberries.

Our Sunshine Strawberry Salad embraces new flavors and is nutrient-dense and high in protein, with cheese, almonds, and chicken. It’s a unique and creative salad, partly due to the way the dressing is made by mixing the ingredients and then adding the avocado and green olives at the end.

We’ve created a super fun take on a vinaigrette using the earthiness of the olive oil and the creaminess of the avocado, made even more delicious with the sweetness of a little honey, which adds the perfect bite to the salad dressing.

When my kids were little, in order to entice them to be excited about delicious and nutritious food, I had a policy of creating names for dishes that were so fun that they’d want to eat them, like Sunshine Soup, which had a variety of vegetables they might not otherwise agree to eat. When I tasted this salad, it reminded me of sunshine and of that sweet story. Nicknames are so important! My mother called Terisimo, and I loved that, so we’re nicknaming this salad Sunshine.

How to Make Teri’s Sunshine Strawberry Salad: Let’s Go!

Roast the chicken.

Make the dressing.

Prep all of the ingredients for the salad.

Combine salad ingredients in a large bowl.

Top of salad off with dressing.

Mix, serve, & enjoy!


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Let’s go! - Teri Turner