How To Make The Ultimate Tuna Melt Sandwich!

Everyone has a superpower, and quite frankly, one of mine is sandwich-making. I know what goes into a spectacular sandwich; I love putting them together, and I love serving them to my favorite eaters. Sandwich making starts with fabulous ingredients, including fantastic bread and delicious cheese. And in the case of a tuna melt, it starts with my totally delicious tuna salad, and I’m here to share two tips that will change how you make tuna salad.

Muscle Memory: The Ultimate Tuna Salad Tips and Tricks

While it’s wonderful to be able to reach into the fridge and grab a jar of tuna salad, there’s nothing like a homemade tuna melt. It’s crispy, salty, and briny, and it’s warm. With the pickle and the Marinated Red Onions, it’s the perfect griddled sandwich.

Teri’s tips for the perfect Tuna Melt:


 Often, tuna salad can be too mushy. The trick is to squeeze the living daylights out of the tuna. That means you open the can, then either put the lid back on it or just put your fingers over it, turn it upside down, and press until every bit of water is gone. Make sure your tuna is quite literally dry.


The next tip is to crumble the tuna. You don’t want giant tuna chunks, so use your hands to crumble it.

Elevate Your Dish: From Tuna Salad Sandwich to Tuna Melt Perfection

When I want to take it to the next level, I add giardiniera, which is a Chicago spicy pepper blend. There are so many more ingredients you could add, but I believe in a simple tuna salad. Use high-quality mayonnaise, a touch of mustard, a sprinkle of salt, some black pepper, and gently combine.

Some Like It Hot: Sizzle On The Griddle

I like to griddle a tuna melt. Build your sandwich with a couple of ounces of cheese along with your tuna, put it in a skillet, and cook until the cheese is melted and gooey.  I then remove it from the heat, open it, and on the non-cheese side, add lettuce, pickle, and of course, I finish it up with my Marinated Red Onions. There’s something about each of those elements warmed together that creates gooey, delicious, magic sandwich heaven.


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