How To Make The Best French Dip Sandwich Recipe

Sandwich Week continues with the French Dip! This sandwich is so next level and has to be one of my favorites of sandwich week. It takes a bit of prep, but it’s so much fun to do. It’s a great little weekend project and then you can reap the benefits all week long!

A French Dip begins with some fabulous beef. While you could just go to the store and pick up some lunch meat, that’s not really my style. There is something so wonderful about cooking up your own beef for this sandwich. Not to mention it is great for meal prep. It takes a bit more work than grabbing it at the store, but it is much simpler than you’d think!

You start by getting your oven really hot at 500 degrees to start. Season your beef with oil, salt and pepper and prep it on a roasting pan. On the bottom of the pan, add the garlic cloves and the chicken stock. Then, put it in your oven and cook for about 12 minutes at 475. Next, do NOT open your oven! You have to keep it closed and keep the heat in. Turn off the oven and do not touch it for two and a half hours.

After those couple of hours, you can finally open the oven and let the beef cool. It should be perfectly cooked and ready for sandwiches the next day! Once it’s cooled, wrap it in foil and store it in the fridge until you are ready to make your French Dip. You can then use the pan with all the lovely juices to make your dipping sauce. Heat up the pan on the stovetop, add the remaining stock, and get all of the lovely bits from the bottom of the pan. Then, you have your sauce ready to go!

The French Dip is so fabulous because of the beef and the dipping sauce, so you don’t need to add too much to it. We made a fabulous horseradish sauce and paired the sandwich with provolone cheese. To start building your french dip, toast up the bread and warm up your dipping sauce.

Once the dipping sauce is warmed, dip your sliced beef in the sauce and then place it on the sandwich. After the beef, place a generous layer of provolone cheese. Then, place it back in the oven for another five minutes to allow the cheese to melt. Finally, add the horseradish sauce and serve with the dipping sauce on the side. Now, you are ready to enjoy your French Dip!

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