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How To Make The Best Corned Beef And Cabbage

This fabulous Corned Beef, along with the potatoes and cabbage, are all cooked in delicious juices, making it truly a one-pot wonder! I sure do love a celebration that involves food, and don’t they all? Definitely make my corned beef and cabbage for dinner. As the daughter of a Patty, the sister of a Patty, and the mother of a Patrick, St. Patrick’s Day has always been incredibly meaningful to me, not only because of our family names but also because of the loving intention behind the family names.

I adore the tradition of special foods you make once a year and finding ways to celebrate a holiday or special occasion with food. If I can give you one tip about being a mother, it’s find ways to celebrate! Whether it was St. Patrick’s Day, Day of the Dead, or Thanksgiving (or even the day after, when I’d make my day after Thanksgiving soup), my kids always looked forward to and still happily remember the meals we ate when they were growing up. Quite simply, food invokes joy! It’s truly a gift you can give your children. I’ve noticed that my kids now create celebrations in their own lives, and when I see them eating celebration food, I know it was a gift I gave them which had been handed down to me by their grandmother, Patty.

On St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve always made a delicious dinner of corned beef and cabbage, a tradition thathas been passed down in America over the decades. Whether or not it’s truly an Irish dish, it is definitely an Irish American one, and corned beef itself is said to have originated in Eastern Europe, where beef was cured with “corns” of salt. Corned beef and cabbage is such a wonderful family dish, and when you make it only once a year, it’s both exciting and fun. Kids love it, and the leftovers are amazing!

Pick up a corned beef from the grocery store. It’s already cured, and there are many different brands. Keep in mind that we’re not eating corned beef because it’s the best thing in the world for our health, we’re doing it because it’s a once-a-year soul-satisfying food tradition.

Making Corned Beef & Cabbage! Let’s Go!

Place the Corned Beef in a pot with the brine.

Remove the beef from the brine, spread sauce on it, & place in oven.

Add the veggies into the brine.

Add the cabbage to the pot

Take meat out of the oven.

Serve the Corned Beef & Cabbage & enjoy!

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