Chicken In Salad: A Colorful  Feast For The Senses!

Happy Pride Month! As a mother of a grown-up rainbow child, I absolutely love celebrating pride all year long, and especially in June. I have pride in my LGBTQ+ family members, friends, neighbors, and community. I strive to be the best ally I can be, but I know it’s a lifelong learning process. Meanwhile, I’m here to celebrate diversity, and my favorite way to celebrate is with food like this Rainbow Salad with Roasted Chicken, Crispy Bacon, and Creamy Chive Dressing. Let’s go!

Taste the Rainbow: Unleash the Power of Color in Your Salad!

When it comes to salads, the more colors the better! And this Rainbow Salad with Chicken and Bacon certainly doesn’t disappoint in that department. This vibrant salad with chicken is a symphony of fresh flavors on your plate; from the deep red of juicy tomatoes to the buttery green of fresh avocado slices, each ingredient brings something unique to the mix.

Protein-packed Perfection: Elevate Your Salad with Chicken and Bacon!

While salads are often associated with light and refreshing fare, this Rainbow Salad with Chicken and Bacon takes it up a notch, which makes for a hearty meal. I start with roasted chicken and oven bacon. Chicken is so spectacular in a salad. In keeping with the rainbow theme, the smoked paprika gives it a bit of color while making the roasted chicken even more delicious!

Creamy Chive Bliss: Take Your Salad with Chicken to the Next Level!

This homemade dressing is the ideal companion to elevate the flavors of this salad with chicken. Made with a base of creamy mayo, it adds a luscious texture and a burst of flavor. The chives provide a subtle oniony goodness, complementing the freshness of the vegetables and the savory notes of the chicken and bacon.

Assembling Your Rainbow Masterpiece: Create a Visual Feast!

Start by arranging a bed of vibrant salad greens as the base. Next, layer on the colorful fruits and vegetables. Then, add the roasted chicken and sprinkle the crispy bacon on top for that irresistible crunch.


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Let’s go! - Teri Turner