An Easy Cod Fillet Recipe

Inspired by a memorable Parisian dining experience, this dish combines the delicate flavors of cod with the subtle taste of leeks, a perfect combination for weeknight dinners or special occasions. So, get ready to don your apron and immerse yourself in the rich and delightful world of this exquisite cod fillet recipe! Let’s go!

A Taste of Paris in Your Kitchen: A Recipe for Cod Fillet with Sauteed Leeks.

Roy and I had a lovely time in Paris in November over my birthday, and I practically had a romantic experience with a sublime dinner of Sautéed Cod Fillet on a bed of leeks with mashed potatoes.

Ultimately it took me months, but I kept remembering how delicious that cod fillet was, and I finally created this simple, deliciously easy recipe. Every time I eat it, it’s like returning to Paris! It’s soooo spectacular for weeknight eating, and I know you’ll be inspired to make it again and again.

How to select fresh cod fillets at the store.

To ensure the best flavor and texture, start by purchasing fresh or frozen cod fillets from a reputable fishmonger or supermarket. Look for fillets with a bright, translucent appearance and a mild, fresh scent. Steer clear of any fillets that have a strong fishy odor or a dull, discolored surface.

How to coat the cod fillets for this recipe.

Rather than creating a heavy coating with flour and egg, I went in a different direction and barely coated the cod with my favorite gluten-free flour, then sautéed it in butter and oil for about three minutes a side. I’m sure you’re going to love it.

Seasoning cod fillets.

Pan frying cod fillets.

Golden brown cod fillets.

Preparing Leeks for this Fabulous Cod Fillet Recipe.

Why leeks? They’re in the same family as onions—the allium family–but they have a milder, subtler flavor. I absolutely love the texture! They’re also packed with nutrients. In addition, they’re simultaneously really firm but become really soft, just like onions and garlic. Leeks adds such a wonderful flavor to so many dishes, and I’m always asked about the best way to prep this allium.


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