A Fun And Easy Lobster Recipe: Seafood Nachos

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On a recent trip to Park City, Utah, I ordered Lobster Nachos, and frankly, the idea of pairing lobster with nachos had never occurred to me before. They were just so much fun and amazingly delicious that I wanted to put my own spin on The Butcher Chop House restaurant’s wonderful dish. As a cook, I find it important to have new sources of inspiration, and traveling has always been a way for me to tap into new culinary experiences.

As a culinary enthusiast, I believe in finding inspiration from various sources. Whether it’s exploring other people’s Instagram accounts, venturing to exceptional restaurants, or simply traveling to new places, these experiences allow me to discover new flavors and techniques that I can bring into my own kitchen. Tasting a new dish and envisioning my own delicious spin on it is one of the greatest joys of being a cook. Traveling not only slows me down but also provides me with a fresh perspective and fuels my creativity.

One of the keys to creating the perfect lobster nachos lies in the cheese sauce. Though assembling the dish is relatively simple, the cheese sauce requires some finesse. It all starts by warming the butter and milk until they’re medium-hot, followed by whisking in cold milk and cornstarch. This mixture is then cooked for about four minutes until the roux is perfectly done. Gradually stirring in the cheese transforms the sauce into a magic elixir that elevates the nachos to another level.

Once the lobster and chips are warmed, the next step is to pour the luscious cheese sauce over the chips, add delightful toppings, and crown it with succulent lobster. If lobster is unavailable, sautéed frozen shrimp can be a great substitute. To ensure perfection, I prefer to prepare the elements individually rather than baking them together. This way, each component retains its distinct flavor and texture, contributing to the overall deliciousness.

For those who don’t consume shellfish, lobster nachos can be equally delightful with alternative proteins. Consider topping the nachos with pieces of skirt steak or my Everyday Roasted Chicken Breast. Regardless of the chosen protein, allowing time for the flavors to meld is crucial. Patience and preparation are keys to achieving the best results. Have your toppings ready beforehand and embrace the process.


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