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Create a beautiful salad using the leftover Meatballs.


Leftover Meatballs 

Romaine lettuce, chopped 

Kosher salt 

1 can hearts of palm, sliced 

1 jar pepperoncini (whole or sliced) 

8 green onions, chopped 

avocados, cut into chunks 

spicy red pepper, sliced into rings 1 batch Marinated Red Onions 


If desired, warm the leftover meatballs. 


Place the romaine lettuce in a large bowl and sprinkle thoroughly with kosher salt. 


Add the remaining ingredients to the bowl, drizzle with the Marinated Onion oil (or a compliant dressing) and toss to coat evenly. 


Serve on a plate topped with (or more!) warm meatballs.