Warby Parker

I’m the last person to expect to be adding something like this to my blog.  But many of you have asked about where I get my glasses…there just simply is not a day that someone doesn’t ask me about the pair that I’m wearing.  I am absolutely delighted to share my source – so much so that I am adding them to the blog.  I think that their style is so great and you get a lot for your money.  I am also thrilled to partner with someone who has a shared vision of making a difference in the world.  Read more about their “Buy a Pair, give a Pair” Program.

Click on any of the images below to shop Warby Parker and search for the name listed above each picture – or find your own favorite style!

warby parker banner




(Roy is wearing Warby Parker, Ames.)




Blair (Available in Black and Rose Gold….I have both!)

vacation teri v3

rose gold


Teri 2

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