Suggestions for going green-ish

As you know, I am starting my journey to reducing my eco footprint!  Followers sent a lot of great ideas…and here they are to get you started!  If you have more ideas….send them our way…to


  • Eliminate plastic containers….try glass jars (you can start with new or re-use those empty ones again and again!)

dozen canning jars


ikea towels


  • Eliminate disposable straws…get reusable ones and always have them with you.

eco ss straws

KK reusable water bottle

  • Repurpose your leftovers or share with family and friends or those in need.
  • Buy local, in season produce…and when possible, organic.
  • Upcycle and donate unwanted household items to local schools/shelters.
  • Make your own household cleaning products (check out @zerowastechica for some great ideas and instructions).
  • Save your kitchen scraps…vegetable scraps for soups and stocks, citrus peels for cleaners, cucumber butts for infusing your water with flavor.
  • For those kitchen scraps that you can’t save or reuse….COMPOST!!
  • Collect rain water and water your plants with it.
  • Use GPS apps to always plot your shortest route when driving.
  • If you are a new parent, consider cloth diapers.


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