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What is better for a summer dinner than a BLT? But remember that all BLTs are not created equal. Sandwich making is truly an art–I have always been sort...

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Dorothy’s Keep Dreaming Cheese Homemade Gravlax (recipe below) Asparagus (blanching instructions below) Jammy eggs (directions below) Green goddess dressing...

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Prep Whole30

Get Ready For Whole30 Here are links for many of my MAGIC ELIXIRSâ„¢ that make Whole30 delicious! Marinated Onions – Make it Tomato Confit – Make it  Garlic Confit...

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Shop Whole30

Shop Whole30

Pantry Essentials This Light olive oil is essential for making Whole30 mayo and ranch dressing.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil is essential for everyday cooking whether you are doing Whole30...

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Jicama Tacos

I absolutely love paleo tacos. I discovered them when doing Whole30 and realized I actually prefer them to corn. They’re light, crispy, delicious and I find that I feel...

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