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I never planned to do a podcast.  As most things happen for me, it was kind of by accident!  People were very interested in hearing about more than food.  They wanted to hear about lifestyle topics and I wanted to have a personal conversation with my daughter in a place that we could share and be uninterrupted.  That conversation was about her journey as a queer person and things just took off from there!

So these conversations are about the kinds of topics that interest all of us: mothering, life, birth, death, divorce and truly about how to live.  I share my own daily quest and journey of figuring out how to live my own best life and all of the pitfalls along the way.

I have been so pleased and delighted with all of the fabulous feedback and it has been such a wonderful surprise!  I just couldn’t be more thrilled that you guys are liking it so much!  Below you will find all of the nocrumbsleft podcasts, starting with the most recent and if you scroll to the bottom, I have provided links to other podcasts where I have been a guest.

If you have an iPhone you can click directly on the links below to listen.  If you have an Android phone, you will most likely need to use an app, you can click here to connect to Spotify and Simplecast.

Episode 9: The Dinner List Chat

In this episode, I am joined by Rebecca Serle (@rebecca_serle) author and producer, to talk about her new novel, The Dinner List. We also discuss creativity, mother and daughter relationships, and the importance of listening to your gut in life. Please listen in, enjoy, and share with your friends.

Episode 8: Mothering: Sharing the journey

In this podcast, I am joined by my friend Carol Dishell. A friendship that has lasted over the course of many life transitions, we talk about motherhood and sharing the journey, letting go of worry, the power of women communing with other women, and navigating divorce. Listen in to hear more conversation about raising and parenting capable children through young adulthood, as well as nurturing through food. Please listen in, enjoy and share with your friends.

Episode 7: More than just tomatoes

In this episode, I talk to Jerry Boone from Froggy Meadow farm, my favorite farmer and de facto produce educator. Froggy teaches us the truth about GMOs, hybrids pros and cons, real shallots and life on an off grid farm. We talk about today’s challenges to farming, the importance of supporting farmers and farmers’ markets. We share our mutual love of onions and Froggy’s love of Japanese farming and culture. Although we come from very different places, we have had such a positive influence on each other and what we do.

Episode 6: Creating a Soulful life

In this episode, I’m joined by friend Susan Lipshutz (@susanlipshutz) to talk about creating a soulful life. Susan is a therapist, medicine woman, and a pioneer in female empowerment. Listen in as we talk about living a sacred life, being aware, traditions and signs, and cooking as a way of healing. We discuss expanding the definition of mothering and how to self nourish more then just with food. Please listen in, enjoy, and share with your friends.

Episode 5: Creating Balance

In this episode, I talk with my friend Kate about creating balance in one’s life. We talk about parenting, gratitude, partnering with your children’s teachers. Please listen in, enjoy, and share with your friends.

Episode 4: Intentional Parenting

In this podcast, I am joined by my friend Dana Hirt to talk parenting. Dana is a parent coach whose wise council I have sought over the years of our friendship. Listen in to hear about parenting with intention and the power of the pivot. We talk toddlers, teenagers and launching our adult children. We share about divorce and co-parenting and the importance of putting kids first. Please listen in, enjoy and share with your friends.

Episode 3: The Good Goodbye

In this episode, I talk with my dear friend Laurie, (@lauricebell) about the goodbyes we’ve made over a lifetime. Our first goodbye when we were 20, the ones with our college age children, goodbyes with our parents, as well as how some of these goodbyes lead to new beginnings, and how happy we are to be in this together, supporting each other. Please listen in, enjoy, and share with your friends.

Episode 2: Coming of age at 50, reinventing ourselves

In this episode, I talk with my dear friend Amy (@amyowenyoga) about Women’s wisdom: life, death, friendship & passion. She explains what it is to be a Doula, and we talk about reinventing ourselves, how glorious it is to be 50, and motherhood. Our discussion continues into pregnancy, feminism, Yoga, divorce, vulnerability and so much more. Please listen in, enjoy, and share with your friends.

Episode 1: 1 Queer, 1 Straight

In this episode I talk to my daughter Lucy (@nocrumbslefts_kid) about her journey as a queer person, and hear about what that means to her. We discuss her experiences and answer some of your questions relating to being LGBTQIA+, exploring our relationship as mother and daughter all throughout. This podcast would be wonderful for you whether you are right at the beginning of your journey learning about LGBTQIA+ people and issues, or these are things that already hold a spot in your daily life. Please enjoy and share with friends.

Here are recent podcasts where I got to be a guest!

That’s So Retrograde!  Episode 175: Thanksgiving, Next

Teri is Elizabeth’s favorite internet celebrity!  Teri sit’s down with TSR for a Thanksgiving-centric convo.  The gals discuss coming into your calling later in life, listening to the universe, social media hacks and of course culinary insights for the upcoming holiday!

EAT+WELL: We Get to Know “The Kitchen Goddess” and Whole30 guru Teri Turner creator of No Crumbs Left.

In this interview, Teri tells some of her history, how she got started as a food blogger, where she finds inspiration, and what her day-to-day looks like. Whether you’ve been following her for a while or new to Teri and the world of transformative diets (paleo, Whole30) you’ll definitely want to listen in and hear her story.

Youniversity Episode 8:  Teri Turner reminds parents of the power of believing in your kids no matter what.

Annemarie and Teri talk about parenting, the power of the surrender and how to let go and trust your kids to find their own way, even if it goes against your dreams and desires for them.  She shares her heartbreak at the realization that Lucy is ready to quit college to purse her dreams and reminds us how challenging it can be to balance both strength and vulnerability as a parent.  And Teri shares her belief that with passion, practice and hard work we are all bound to succeed.


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