Ask Joanna

As important as cooking is — so is keeping your kitchen clean and organized. While we don’t claim to be cleaning experts – there are so many great cleaning ideas out there.  We LOVE our kitchen and we want to share the way we care for it.  Joanna is amazing and she manages the kitchen, keeping it in tip top order.

We wanted to put this page together with Joanna’s helpful hints — because people were asking me every day how to clean and maintain their kitchen and equipment.  The posts with Joanna on nocrumbsleftâ„¢ every Thursday have been met with rave reviews!  So here is a one stop shop for all of her great videos.

Cleaning the stove top

Keeping the stove top clean is so important but it can be overwhelming.  Here are some great tips in keeping the stove top clean so it doesn’t seem like such a daunting a task. Once you make it part of your regular routine, it’s easy!

Cleaning the hood of your stove

Cleaning the oven

Here is the thing about your oven, it is the hub of your kitchen – and it’s best not to avoid cleaning it. It is a big job to tackle the oven, but so absolutely necessary and you will feel fantastic once it’s overwith.

Cleaning your Pyrex

Keeping glass pans like new can be tough…but here are some easy tricks for quick clean up.  Don’t underestimate the importance of soaking, especially for stubborn stains and stuck on food.

Cleaning the sink

The sink is the heart of the kitchen.  Regularly cleaning your sink will make such a difference.  Once you learn these simple solutions and see how easy it is – it will become part of your routine.

Cutting board maintenance

Having a clean and usable cutting board is really important for food safety.  Whether wood or plastic – here are some ideas that might be helpful to keep them in good working order.

Cleaning and Stainless Steel pans

A stainless steel pan is an investment and it’s so great when you can keep them looking beautfuil – here are some ideas on how to make them last a lifetime.  The trick is to do this everytime and not let things build up.

Maintaining Stainless steel pans

Cleaning of your cast iron pan

The thing about cast iron is that there are as many opinions on how to clean them as there are types.  Modern ones that are very low maintenance and come seasoned and then there’s this kind of old school cast iron pan that I have had longer than my children.  I treat it very carefully.  Here are some tips on how we take care of ours.

Cleaning and maintaining your Staub cast iron pan

Cleaning knives

There is no more important kitchen tool than an every day workhorse knife.  My philosophy is to hand wash all knives to make them last.  If you take great care of your kinves, they are your best kitchen friend.


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