February Whole30

I’m continuing on with my Whole30 until February 26th. I’m inviting you to join me on the journey (whether just starting or continuing on from January) and will support you with weekly newsletters including recipes, tips, special stories, and a couple special giveaways.

If you’re in, fill out the form below to join me. By signing up you agree to follow @nocrumbsleft on Instagram and the blog. Be sure to add teri@nocrumbsleft.net to your email contact to ensure all the emails are delivered to your inbox.

52 thoughts on “February Whole30

  1. Finishing a Whole45 in February!

    1. Awesome! I’m going strong until February 26th!

    2. Whole February Bring it in!

    3. Yes! Please keep me on Whole30 for February –

  2. Continuing on.. now with @nocrumbs left! 😘Teri💕

  3. Feeling great and want to continue for another 30 days. Teri you and ChiYu really inspire me. I love you both. ❤️💗

  4. Loving the encouragement and great food !

  5. Rebecca Brennan Bauer January 29, 2018 — 6:49 pm

    This Whole30 group is so amazing and helpful!!!! Thank you so much for starting the group with wonderful recipes!!!

  6. I’m going until my birthday February 28th. I feel so good I’m not sure if I’m introducing any of the foods I left behind back in🦋

  7. Another month…. bring it on February!!!

  8. Charlotte Freeman January 29, 2018 — 8:19 pm

    Yes to continuing on! I finally have enough room in my tiny refrigerator for nocrumbsleft Heroine Chicken. I’m so excited. It’s all ready… let the Marinate being for 48 hours. 🦋

  9. Yaaaay!! 🎉 Just signed up, can’t wait to see your recipes! Love your IG page!! 💕💕💕

  10. I’m in 90-10 Whole 30!

  11. first timer…trying to learn more about Whole30…your recipes always look so pretty and delicious so I figure it can’t be that bad 🙂

  12. We’re trying to do a reeeeaaaaal slow reintroduction! We wanna make sure we find and get rid of those trigger foods!!

  13. February Whole30 I’m in!!!

  14. we are staring February 5th. Your IG is awesome.

  15. Hi Teri! Excited to continue on with you in February. Thanks for all the great recipes and especially videos on HOW to make some of the recipes. I’ve never eaten so well, AND I’m losing inches and weight! Onward February!

  16. I finished my Whole 30 yesterday, and I feel phenomenal! I’m going for another 30! I love your videos, Teri! I’m looking forward to continuing this journey into February, and I’m so glad you’re continuing as well. I love the work that you do, and your positivity is really inspiring!🙏💗

  17. My husband and I are starting Whole30 for the first time tomorrow! I’ve been watching your Instagram and reading your blog for a week or so now and feel much more prepared. I’m SO happy that you’re continuing on into February! Excited to be part of your awesome community, Teri!

  18. Still working on my January- currently on day 23- but I’m not stopping at 30! I’m going the Whole60 this time around. I don’t think I could do it without your recipes & inspiration, so YES!! I’m joining you Teri!!

  19. Yesssss!! I’m in, I’m on and I’m doing this thing!!!!

  20. Excited to start my firat whole 30

  21. Continuing til Whole45 feel great

  22. Joining as well!Great idea to create this group.I’ll need inspiration and help🌸

  23. My husband and I are starting the whole30 for the first time on Feb 5th! Looking forward to our journey! Thanks for your guidance and support!

  24. Starting whole30 in February! I’m interested to see if I can do compliant whole30 dishes that are veggie or vegan since I’m not big on meat. Gotta find some things that‘ll work for me.

  25. Going for February! Heartfelt thank you, Teri, for all you do to be an awesome example, all your hard work and your delicious recipes ❤

  26. Starting Monday in February with my mom!!! We have our whole 30 cook books and our Day by Day! I am so excited for your inspiration on the take over this month!

  27. I would like to join your February Whole 30 !!!

  28. I would like to join your February Whole 30! Thanks

  29. I would like to join your February Whole 30 please!

  30. I’m in for February!! Thank you!!

  31. I would love to join you on this whole 30 February journey!

  32. Soo excited 😊

  33. You are really special. Thank you! Looking forward to your takeover!

  34. I’m excited to keep going until Feb. 25th …. stopping short of 30 days because we’ll be at DisneyWorld after that!! Hoping to stay Paleo at least. This January Whole30 was the easiest of all my 9 Whole30s, mainly because of all the delicious meal ideas from you & some of the other amazing Whole30recipes contributors. You all make it so easy to have a successful Whole30! Thank you Teri!!!

  35. Thanks, Terri. I’m on day 23. Not sure how long I’ll go. You’re fun to ride with!

  36. I’m seriously planning to do whole 30 starting tomorrow. I’m going to be traveling so it won’t be easy.. but I think doable

  37. I’m doing a whole90, finishing up in April, it will be fun do to it with peeps in February!

  38. Made the best whole 30 copy cat zuppa toscana soup tonight! Sir ris fun doing it alongside you Teri! Let’s go for more!

  39. I’m in for February! Just started Monday

  40. Continuing on in February with the Whole 30!
    Thanks Teri!

  41. My start day is Feb 17 but want 2 participate.
    Thanks Teri 🙂

  42. I’m doing a 2nd round in Feb!

  43. My hubby and I would love to join you on a February Whole30! This will be my first and I am pregnant, so I am hoping I can hold strong and have the healthiest pregnancy possible.

  44. Day 11 of January whole30 I had emergency surgery. So I’m ready to start it over!

  45. Looking forward to new ideas and recipes. Love having the support. My whole30 January is over 2/13 (I got sick the first two weeks of the year) so I am just going to swing it on through until the March 1. Can’t wait and excited.

  46. Looking forward to February! Especially with your support.

  47. Teri, could you link to the bowl you use for your marinated onions? I’ve been trying to track down the brand on your blog or social media, and I’m sure you’ve mentioned it in your stories but I just haven’t caught it.

  48. On Day 9 of my whole 30. Would like to join group.

  49. I’m continueing my Whole30/paleo for life. Well at least on a 90/10 basis. I feel so great I don’t wanna give up this feeling! Looking forward to your recipes Teri!

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