Italian Pulled Pork with Blue Moose Creamy Basil Hummus

Don’t you just love the kick-off Memorial Day gives to summer? The expectant feeling that summer is just beginning is accompanied by thoughts of weekend celebrations, spending time with friends, and long summer evenings.

I love a celebration salad: an exquisite one-dish platter loaded with most everything you need for a party. Working with emerging businesses that are as excited about what they’re doing as I am is such a thrill! That’s why I love working with Blue Moose of Boulder–not to mention, I love their products. The taste tells you everything you need to know.  It’s a collaboration made in heaven for me. I’m crazy about their hand-crafted, small batch hummus. My daughter’s absolute favorite is the Green Chile. My son’s favorite is the Garlic Hummus, and I love the 2017 SOFI Award winning Basil Pesto.


We created the perfect marriage of basil pesto and hummus for a creamy basil pesto hummus, which is the ideal accompaniment for this do-ahead menu. When I think “summer holiday,” of course grilling is my first thought. Here I have changed it up a bit with a NoCrumbsLeftâ„¢ favorite, pork shoulder, and we’ve amped it up with extra herbs and garlic. (Use fresh, not smoked!) It was done a day ahead, then reheated in the morning to create an antipasti platter featuring the goodness of the season. Substitute whatever is local and in season for you. I used raw radishes, sweet baby tomatoes, mini multicolored sweet peppers, and grilled zucchini planks and carrots, which are a delicious combination. I then added some cubed watermelon, grapes, and toasted, thinly sliced baguettes. Delicious!

Italian Pulled Pork with Blue Moose Creamy Basil Hummus



1. Preheat oven to 250.

2. Salt and pepper the pork shoulder on all sides and place in baking dish leaving fat side up. Remove thyme and oregano leaves from the sprigs and sprinkle on top of pork.

3. Cook uncovered in the oven 4 hours. Sprinkle with chopped garlic. Cook 4 more hours.

4. Remove and let cool. Refrigerate overnight. Reheat the next day before serving.

5. Mix 1 container Blue Moose Garlic Hummus or Blue Moose Original Hummus with 1 container Blue Moose Basil Pesto. Add lemon juice and stir well.

5. Build a beautiful platter with your favorite summer fruits or vegetables. I like to use whatever is local, in-season and colorful. Suggestions below.


1 thought on “Italian Pulled Pork with Blue Moose Creamy Basil Hummus

  1. Jennifer Essad June 2, 2017 — 4:01 pm

    Blue Moose offers such an amazing selection of their product. I bet you really enjoyed being a taste tester

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