Homemade Shakshuka

Do you have a favorite supper you make with eggs? I love Shakshuka any time of year and rely on this recipe from Jerusalem: A Cookbook , which has an entire Facebook page devoted to it, called Tasting Jerusalem. Everyone is always asking me about this dish. It simply makes me happy–both preparing it and of course eating it.

It’s actually easy to do, but does require some chopping. The eggs are on a delicious bed of Harissa, peppers and tomatoes, to name a few ingredients. It’s Tunisian soul food and an absolute favorite of mine. My favorite version includes sumac instead of cumin, which may be a Tunisian swear word, but I do it anyway. Here’s a recipe you can use as a guide. It’s no extra work to double the sauce and you will be so happy you did! The result is Nirvana.  Even if you think you can’t do this, you can!

 For more on Sami Tamimi’s Harissa sauce, click here and read all about it



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